Mobile Light Towers

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If you are seeking professional “Mobile Light Towers” then you have found the right place!  We offer mobile light tower options for a full variety of event types.  Our team bring success to each mobile light tower project!

Our mobile light towers can provide safety and security for your event. Combined with our powerful 6-head light towers are capable of giving you complete coverage of any event site, small or large.

We provide unique light towers allow utilization of existing site power or on-site generated power – and do not require their own self-contained generator for operation. This convenient feature allows for environmentally-friendly operation by reducing air pollution as well as lowering your fuel bill.

By eliminating an on board generator, this also allows for completely silent operation which is excellent for applications where excess noise is of concern.

This extremely cost-effective method of illumination allows you enhance safety and security measures on site.  It also provides your vendors an opportunity to take advantage of a few more hours of operation.

Little Electric can also provide Mobile Light Towers for special events including festivals, live events and trade shows.

We are always happy to assist Canadian businesses achieve their goals.