Electrician Services

Electrician Services

Electrician ServicesIf you are looking for professional “Electrician Services”, then you’ve found the right place.  Our electrical contracting roots began almost 100 years ago. We currently service Commercial, Industrial, and residential accounts. At Little Electric you not only get competitive rates, but the best in customer service.

Little Electric is an ESA Authorized Electrical Contractor offering a full range of electrical services for residential, commercial and industrial clients.

Residential Electrical Services

Electrical Services and panels in many older homes are outdated and should be repaired or even replaced. Time and age can leave your electrical system with loose and oxidized connections leading to avoidable damage. New technology has increased the safety features of the modern electrical system. Our experienced staff can consult with you on necessary upgrades to your home, and you can be rest assured we will not try and sell you on costly unnecessary upgrades or repairs.

Whether you need a receptacle or light fixture installed, or you are in need of a complete electrical system upgrade, Little Electric can service your household electrical needs.

Electrical Services for Apartments and Condominiums

Little Electric has for years looked after the needs of building owners and property management companies to maintain their residential properties. Well stocked and equipped trucks and experienced staff keep your costs down and your property’s electrical systems well maintained.

With regular service throughout Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph and surrounding areas Little Electric can service your properties electrical needs inside and out.

Industrial and Commercial Electrical Services

Retail stores, offices, warehouses, and industrial customers all rely on Little Electric for prompt and efficient service at competitive rates to keep their business operations running.

We have well equipped trucks, specialized equipment as well as the experience to maintain any of your businesses needs. Contact us for more detail.