Electrical Contracting Company

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If you are seeking a reputable, and established “Electrical Contracting Company”, then you have found the right place.

Our electrical contracting roots began almost 100 years ago. We currently service Commercial, Industrial, and Residential clients.  At Little Electric you not only get competitive rates, but the best in customer service.

We provide a full selection of electrical contracting options.  If you are in need of a specific contracting service, give us a call and find out what we can do for you!  At Little Electric, we aren’t just a generator rental company, we’re a one stop shop for all your special event needs.

Have a question regarding our electrical contracting services?  Give us a call today and find out more regarding what we can do for you!  We are always happy to provide insight based on over 50 years of experience.  We can assist and provide power for any size of event. Whether it’s a backyard wedding, a major festival, or a large tradeshow. Little Electric Inc will gladly work with you to help make your event a success.

Although we are based out of Cambridge Ontario, we proudly serve all of Ontario. If you require services outside of Ontario or Canada please contact us.